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Introducing the most exciting and impressive online shopping cart
of the year
. It's the new Luckenbooth Software CentreMgr, an online website creator
that allows you to edit your own internet shop site, sell online, process transactions and keep in touch with customers just with the click of a mouse!.

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When you try out a Luckenbooth store - here's what you can do

  • You build your storefront using your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera). You can change the text, the graphics, the number of products on offer - and that facility is available to you 24 hours a day!
  • First off, you create your "storefront" by editing the main pages of your own website, giving details of your business, contact information, where to find you.
  • Then you enter your product details (such as the product name, description, price - including options (eg size, color), images of your product). You can set stock levels, put items "On Sale", offer discounts, calculate shipping charges. You can create as many categories as you need.
  • Our easy image uploader saves you having to use ftp to transfer your pictures and graphics.
  • After this information is entered, your completed store is ready to take orders.
  • Visitors can view your products on-line and place orders.
  • Your store can start taking orders as soon as you have added in your first product! You can then build in as many products as you wish.
  • Our software notifies you that you have received an order - to retrieve the information, you enter a secure password-protected area of your website.

We know you will find our software straightforward to use - and we know that our support forum will help you sort out any problems you might encounter. However, before you decide what to do - here's our invitation to you:

Try before you buy!

We will be happy to arrange for you to test our software online for a couple of weeks or so before you buy. Please

Your ecommerce software solutions are here - we currently have three packages on offer -

The CentreMgr will allow you to host and design secure shops for local businesses - either with or without a shopping cart. This allows you to create storefront solutions for retail outlets, wholesalers, Harley Davidson dealers, used car dealerships, realtors, estate agents, service companies. You can buy and sell Steiff Bears; digital cameras; Harry Potter books; antiques and collectibles; cd or dvds - electronic equipment. We do not allow our software to be used for any site which sells porn or illegal materials.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can sell goods securely online - or offer a listings site which is suitable for listing homes for sale in Australia or or used cars for sale in Canada, hotels .... or any other service company.

The eShopMgr - this standalone version allows you to create a website with integrated shopping cart which runs on your own domain host. This works just as well for coin dealers, stamp collectors and antique dealers as for retail outlets targetting a wider customer base.

The HomePageMgr - this package (which has just been upgraded) gives you a website which can be as small (or large) as you wish - create unlimited pages, upload images, edit as often as you like.

All our software features easy-to-use web page design editors which are installed on your web server. Web page design software doesn't come much easier than this!

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